Exploring Abrantes

All photos are taken by me.

30 km North West of Ponte De Sor is a town called Abrantes. My wednesdays are spent driving along this road, 80 minutes to & from Church.

With the smart car’s terrible cooling system, I’m glad it’s already winter because the heater warms the car far better than it cools it.

I like the feel of towns that had preserved character from past generations.

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Isn’t it a beautiful thought to think that these doors have been walked on with different stories? Seeing this town makes me feel like every door has been crafted uniquely and specifically for every house. Almost as if it is a statement in itself.
Located at the highest point of this town is Castelo De Abrantes.

A picture is worth a thousand words you say? Well, it can’t give you all the facts & accuracy you need. Therefore, I put a tiny bit of research into this to give this blog entry more substance.

Castelo de Abrantes originated from 130 BC. However only during the 12th century did they build a defensive barrier garrison along the Tagus River. Abrantes was one of the castle outposts along with the castles of Almourol, Castelo Branco, Monsanto, Pombal, Tomas, Torres Novas & Zezere.

Abrantes was rewarded for it’s heroic resistance against Almohad Caliphate & during the reign of Manuel I of Portugal & had received a foral. A foral is a royal document that were granted during the 12th & up to the 16th centuries which is considered the most important event of the town’s history. It granted public lands for the use of the community, regulated taxes, tolls & fines and established protection rights & military duties with royal service.


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Right next to the castle is a cafe with a wonderful ambiance.

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