Flight School

All photos are captured by me.

After a lot of delays with regards to my visa & medical certificate, the right time has finally arrived. Goodbye Dubai & Hello Portugal! This is my base for the duration of my training.

About 2 hours away north east of Lisbon, you’ll find a small town called Ponte De Sor.

Great weather for flying!
When I thought I could actually make this a habitual routine to get to the hangar…
Summer weather slowly turning to winter’s few, scattered, & later on broken & overcast cloud covers which delayed a lot of solo navigation flights.

Got the basics & tried to get organized. Seeing the school’s fleet got me excited & scared to start flying. Even in flight school, you can’t shake off academics, dream on lazy Ally.

Airplane spotting while you eat your meal and enjoy the breeze of the summer & showers of winter.

The hangar, the tower, & the place to chill or play 🏓

After over a month of looking for a second hand automatic 🚗 , ta-da ! Smart fortwo 2002 model!


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