Would you dare defy the odds? Would you dare disturb the flow of this universe? Do the impossible at least in your own little way? And if you had the chance to, would you cease the moment?

I recalled a scene from the movie, “A Walk To Remember”, when Landon showed Jamie how she could be at two places at once. Placing their feet on either sides of the state line, challenging the impossible. It’s like solving a puzzle in the most unorthodox way, but who dares argue about technicality? It was their moment & their own way of rebelling against life as we know it.

Oh how these flicks fuel our hearts, setting the bar for romance higher than it should be. It’s all too wonderful & disappointing, both at the same time. To be part of something others deem impossible is to be iconoclastic. To go against the current; challenging what is, indeed, the norm. Be it love, or just your individual self.

Captured by A.G.

Now, here’s a photo I took where my left foot touches Abu Dhabi & the right foot touching Dubai. I was on my way back home when I thought about wanting to capture this simple, crazy, spur of the moment experience. The photo may not seem like much but the experience definitely was. I was driving on the highway & this particular area unfortunately didn’t accompany any room for vehicles stopping by. I was merely at the hard shoulder with the hazard on & a phone in hand with obviously no emergency. A quick snap & off I went with a giddy feeling . I laughed at myself as I drove off, feeling like a rebel.

Just like that, in all it’s simplicity, I had disturbed the flow, I had created my own rules for the few seconds of that moment, & I have added another out-of-the-box experience into my life’s chapter.


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