You were almost another year older,
Three quarters of a centennial,
Thirty days more to your seventy-sixth.
But it’s not the birthdays we wait for,
It’s the people we love we long for.

You lived your days where people remembered
How you lent your loving hands not only to your own.
You may not be abundant in things to share,
But your gift was the most precious of all,
You cared, you loved & you raised us all.

I hoped & dreamed to make you proud,
I prayed to bless your heart with joyful hours.
I may have wished for you to see me at my peak,
But I trust God knows the right time you seek peace.
You are loved by many & with God as our witness,
You have finished your race, full of grace.
My dear Lola, we will meet again in the new Jerusalem.


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