Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

We’ve had lots of pets in the past & it saddens me everytime someone passes away. But the one that has marked its paws deep in my heart goes out to Blue.

Any pet owner would probably claim that their furry friend is the best pet in the world. In this case, I nominate my half persian, half norwegian forest cat.

He was brought to this world in my teenage years with fur as white as snow. His eyes were an intricate blue, his paws pink with innocence. He was pure, playful & loving.

As years passed by, his soft features gradually changed to be strong & fierce. His fur tainted off white, with beige details, as if his wisdom were visibly growing. A natural predator that prey on birds. A strong beautiful character.

In almost fifteen years with us, he never lost his sweetness and loyalty. He’s been through so much & have seen our ups & downs but never failed to give comfort. He who gave us happiness, was family. I love you Blue & I’ll miss you for always.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. ecaps24 says:

    Nagpaalam na si blue. 😦

    1. Ally G says:

      Opo :(( nakakalungkot

      1. ecaps24 says:

        Oo. Kakamiss nga siya. Naalala ko siya lagi lang sa sulok lang ng bahay niyo. Nakakalungkot nga na mag let go ng nakasanayan na but you have to. She did her part na.

      2. Ally G says:

        Oo nga po, I just wish I could’ve been there 😦

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