Albert Einstein once said that cold is the absence of heat, darkness is the absence of light, and evil is the absence of God. Now, someone asked me of my thoughts about sadness, and I think it goes with the same principle. Sadness is the absence of happiness. 

Growing up, we’ve been introduced to the feeling of joy. We’ve been cared for, loved, and maybe even spoiled in different ways and different levels. The world in our earlier years are but a playground filled with stories of happy endings. Most children are oblivious to the world of injustice, devoid of the sense of responsibility and sacrifice. We’ve been introduced to the warm fuzzies countless times until we developed an attachment. 

Most people have never been so welcoming of change. However, as we enter adulthood, our eyes are forced to open to the truth. The ones who love us no longer hold the power to conceal that truth. We are given responsibilities, with others more abrupt and ineludible. We are acquainted with more emotions, and we see life with darker shades and more complex strokes. The ratio of happiness in relation to other emotions grew larger. 

Life as we once knew it had changed. The playground became a jungle with the battle for survival and protection of our loved ones. This is why in my childhood I used to be told that I was lucky for being a child. Children build their own worlds in their heads. A world where problem, trouble and hurt are not yet known. But eventually we are taught, we learn, and there’s no other choice but to face it, face the truth of life.

Sadness is a longing for happiness. The ecstatic feeling we once had when everything was simple. Sometimes it’s like there’s this deep hole inside of you and you have no idea why. Tears may fall all of a sudden but the reason seems to escape from you. Some days you can’t run away from this feeling. Maybe it’s how life was designed. Maybe our souls have a reason and it’s their cry to warn us.

Most times, I believe it’s a matter of perspective. You don’t always get what you want, things don’t always go your way but that’s how it is and we should be more accepting. Accept change, don’t fight it. Look at problems like a puzzle we have to solve. We can’t control how things are going to be but we can take control of our own emotions if we choose how we look at things. Maybe then we can channel more joy into our lives.



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