What if we seize this moment? Put down our phones, detach from the world of social media, and start interacting with each other. For this moment let’s just talk. You, me, us, this world, the universe.Let’s laugh at each other’s past stupidity, share each other’s weirdness with no judgement, and I don’t mind your tears on my shoulder. If you decide to open your heart, expose the hurt of the past, I’ll be listening to every word, and even the words unsaid. I can’t take away the pain but we can build memories of greater things. Let our eyes be acquainted with beauty even in the midst of negativity.

I hope you won’t mind my spontaneity. I might go knocking on your door at midnight, take you for a drive with the wind ruffling our hair as music plays in the background. Let’s find a 24hour drive thru if our tummies start rumbling, overpowering the engine. We’ll find a place with a view that replays the past, places and worlds that happened even before we came to being. The place that’s not hindered by a roof over our heads, it’s where billions of eyes have seen the very beginnings of this earth, the stars. They’ve watched life evolve like one big movie, but, for this instance, let’s lie on our backs with wondering eyes about the same stars that our ancestors have onced looked upon moments in time.

Get lost with me on the spur of the moment, unaware of time. Let’s converse not of shoes nor material wealth but of timeless matters. Music, art, love and how it makes us feel or how memories are interconnected with certain songs or of a certain fragrant. One by one or all at once, we can be random, throwing ideas and thoughts at each other. We’ll be awkward and comfortable at the same time, excited and frightened, eccentric, moody, crazy but never careless. Let’s appreciate the gift of being as we strive to be more understanding and forgiving of humanity.

And before we know it, the sun has come to rise once again from the horizon, it’s monotony providing hope and peace for the days to come.


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