Captured by AG
What is it about birthdays that people make a big deal out of? Well first, here’s a definition of the word:

noun birth·day \ˈbərth-ˌdā\
: the day when someone was born or the anniversary of that day

I get that it’s a special day for the individual himself, and celebrations are just ways of appreciating his existence. But what else do others do? Make it an excuse to do crazy or spontaneous things? Well that’s fine too because with those experiences, people can learn from them or merely find who they really are.

But then there are those who seem to make it as a basis of their self worth to other people. Is it really that important or am I just insensitive to this matter? I’m just not convinced that a single day could be far more important than the other days I spent with the person, though there’s no special occasion.

Birthdays shouldn’t be about other people making you feel special for a day, & then forget you for a whole year until it’s that time you were born again. It’s about the other days that matter most. It’s about who was there for you when you needed someone, or who you laughed with, or whoever spent their time to be with you. How you’ve treated me on the “normal” days is far more important than that single day.

Also, instead of making the celebrations all about the birthday girl/boy, I think it should be the other way around. During our birthdays, we should be the one who are thankful. Most especially give thanks to God for everything. Be appreciative to the people around us, the family who took care of us, the friends who stuck with you even through difficult times, the people who made your life interesting, colourful, like a roller-coaster ride. After all, non of it would be possible without them. They are the reason we should be celebrating life.


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