Captured by A.G.

Often times people will advice for us to choose the right decision. Do what’s morally correct or go with whatever makes you happy. But what are the basis? How do we know which ones are those we won’t regret in the long run?

We cannot predict tomorrow, let alone the next second of our lives. Heaps of things happen unexpectedly. It can take a second to realize your feelings for someone have suddenly changed to being inlove. A second for our lives to change drastically. Or a second to get hit by a vehicle with an alcoholic driver.

It is human nature to dwell on the past. To look back at things and think that maybe we should’ve done more or tried harder. The “what if” or “if only” regrets that we can’t ever change.

But the irrevocable truth is, some things are just out of our control. The best thing we can do is to hope for a better outcome. Move on from past mistakes. Accept what is and make the most of what we have while we have it.



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