Words. What do you think of them?

One word sentences may or may not make sense. Sometimes even a whole paragraph piled up with words may not mean a thing to us. But there’s something so wonderful about it. Beautiful words combined together can make us feel. It can break barriers, penetrate shields, or even deliver us to freedom. It is a weapon more powerful than artillery.

It can take us back in history, teach us lessons from the past to improve our future. Or it may take us to different worlds to escape our realities.

Every word has a meaning, every meaning is connected to us. That’s why words can bring people together or break them apart. Words are a fraction of our feelings and intentions. But an individual’s feelings are too complex for others to understand. Thus, words came flowing to try it’s best to mediate.

So, the next time you speak, choose your words.


Captured by A.G.

4 Comments Add yours

    1. allyg says:

      Maybe? Haha we’ll see 🙂

      1. ecaps24 says:

        Hehe. Try mo din video blog sa youtube. Total madami ka ng nacompose. Hehe

      2. allyg says:

        Hahaha kapag nagka lakas ng loob Haha. Nakakahiya po e

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